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Oct 20, 2019
WizeGuise All-American
Some observations on the game and team.

What in the world was going on in the 1st when they brought in the road grader Tonga on 1st and goal from the 6? One of the weirdest play calls I have ever seen at any level. And we ran some weird plays on the play ground in elementary school. Green Rake kind of stuff. I seriously think they believed the ball was at the one instead of the six.

The illegal formation killed me. That was as good execution on the punt as you can possible have. It was down at the one foot line at worst.

Credit to the Offense, and whoever was calling plays on the two TDs to Bushman. Well done.

Football is a game of smarts of lack thereof. On the 3rd and one at the end, Esupka showed he was lacking them in the moment. He was the RB and instead of pushing behind Romney he just went left and pushed the pile. That extra push behind the QB likely gets Romeny forward a couple feet. On the next play Dayan did exactly that and you can see Romney surge forward when he pushes him. He might have gotten it anyway but it would have been really close.

I think it was a good call to go for it on 4th. And I like the “bring in three refrigerator Perry’s” set to get a couple feet when you need it.

I like the Finau kid at RB. He has nice explosiveness and decision making from what we have seen. Good game for him and not so much for Kotoa. He can be a nice role player, but he just is not an every down running back. Never was and never will be.

Freeland was pretty good at RT for his first serious minutes in a big game.

You have to like Romney. Walk on Fr gets his first start and plays pretty cool. Nice overall game for him. No fumbles and no Ints.

What happened to Simon? Probably chemistry with Hall and Romney not there like it was with Wilson I guess. You don't even hear his name the last few games.

Defense at least tried to mix it up and although there wasn’t a ton of pressure, when they brought it he sped up his rhythm IMO. But their QB lost it for them with pics. He also made some very nice throws into good coverage to bring them back in the second half.

Way too many penalties and they were all pretty legit from what I could tell. The PI in the 4th was correct. It was just dumb, like Christensen’s holding was dumb. Each of them was in position to make the big play they needed to, but they both crossed the line and got caught. The PF in the 4th was the worst of all. Somehow we find a way to convert for the O on 3rd and 18. Boise had fewer penalties. it sure looked like PI in the 4th when our guy was OOB by three feet. Obviously they missed some, but the ones called on our guys were legit IMO.

Having Dayan in there makes a big difference. He is the only guy I have confidence in on the D that he will make the tackle with little doubt. Dude is strong and fast and gets TFL and hurries.

Oldroyd went from MVP to not MVP in a couple weeks. At least their kicker missed a routine FG as well.


This is Kalani ball. Emotional guy. Can rise to the occasion when necessary, but the team does not play like a champion. They do not look prepared and ready to crush the opponent at all times. The great coaches have that. It is really lacking in Provo. But they responded tonight, just like they have at other times when their backs were against the wall. It says something for him that the players love him. If they beat the cupcakes and either USU or SDSU, then I think he gets an extension and we are in for at least a few more years of this. If the team loses to USU and SDSU, but wins the rest and a bowl game. Do you fire a coach at 7-6 and a bowl win? I know what I would do, but Tom might not like his options.

Do we have confirmation on who was doing play calling on O and D. Obviously Grimes was on the field - so that was a change.

This team was played well twice this year and should by all rights be 2-5. They had less than one percent chance to beat Tenn when Wilson hit Simon on the last drive. Great play, but they got outplayed in that game.
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