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Oct 21, 2019
Carnac All-American
If my son doesn't get into BYU, the next phase of my life will
be to help him not hate BYU.

Because that seems to be a thing in the LDS world (at least around my circles for some reason). I understand when a BYU kid goes to a different school and adopts that school's sports programs as theirs--you can't expect them not to. If my son ends us at USU and cheers for the Aggies, it will be a cross I have to bear. But if he outright resents all things BYU, it would be tough. I love the school.

Our next door neighbors are amazing people--military family and wonderful neighbors--but three of their now-grown kids applied and were rejected by BYU. They now have such a weird response to the school--as if they have convinced themselves that "BYU Mormons" are prideful or fake. My wife tried to set her unmarried little sister up with their youngest son and when they found out she had just graduated from BYU, they seemingly became distrustful of it all, as if this BYU girl would be no good for their son. Specifically our neighbor said at one point "we are not really enthusiastic about what goes on down in Provo." What the heck is she referring to?

I just find it crazy. It is also weird because they know (I think) that we are BYU grads and they treat us like gold. Yet they talk so poorly about BYU itself. Maybe they actually hate us. Who knows?

Sure I joke all the time about Utes and Aggies, but in a lighthearted way (and almost exclusively on an anonymous website called Cougarboard). I have wonderful ward neighbors from all walks of life, different schools, etc.

Life is strange and hurt feelings do weird things (I guess).
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