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Nov 7, 2019
kimdaddy35 All-American
Kimdaddy's Most Overrated "Stars" in the NBA

Kyrie Irving-Is not a leader and can't be the best player on a title team. If he is off the entire team he is playing for will be off.

Russell Westbrook-The guy won an MVP and is an 8 time all-star, but was he even a positive for the Thunder? He averaged a triple double, which is hard but that same year isolated the 2nd best player on the team in Victor Oladipo. His shooting last year was all-time bad yet he kept jacking shots up. He has played along Kevin Durant, James Harden and Paul George and yet success in the playoffs really hasn't been there. Going back to the Thunder, had they simply had Kevin Durant and James Harden they probably would have kept both of them and won titles or come awfully close. Instead the least efficient player kept taking all of the shots and both of the other two left. Not saying he wasn't a good player, simply that he is overrated.

Kemba Walker-I like Kemba and think he is a much better fit in Boston than what Kyrie was. The problem I see is in terms of Walker being a true star in the league. I don't believe he is a guy that can elevate a team to be better. What he can do is his be very good at his job which again fits with the Celtics. He is just being paid a lot more than a guy should for what he does in my opinion.

Ben Simmons-Ben is a very good athlete with size and court vision. He would have been a much bigger star in the 90s. The problem? The guy can't shoot. In today's NBA that is all about spacing and 3-pointers he is a huge negative in that aspect. Honestly it is hard to believe that anyone that has played that much basketball at that age would be so poor shooting. He is young so it COULD change, but a lifetime 58% from the FT line and 0% from the 3 point line are concerning to say the least.
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