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Nov 8, 2019
Klompus Walk-on
I want Utah to fail. But as a CF fan, I want to see how good they actually are.

Their best win is probably 5-4 Washington? Maybe ASU? Then BYU? Not very impressive. Not a single win over a ranked team. They have been a number of average teams, a couple above average, and a couple below average and terrible. 

Their loss to USC doesn't look great. If I remember right, they were without Moss though... which adds to my curiousity.

As a BYU fan, I want Utah to lose. But as a College Football fan, I am curious to see how good they actually are. I want to see them play Oregon. I'd enjoy seeing them play a team like Oklahoma, Ohio St, Bama etc. I suspect against OSU, Bama, LSU or Clemson, they lose by 10 or more. But maybe I am wrong. Their defense appears to be very good, and Huntley makes good decisions and Moss is a beast. I could see the game as a coin flip with Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, Baylor. 

I am still wondering how good that 2004 team was... playing Pitt in that bowl was a waste of a game. This year we will get to see how good they truly are I think. 

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