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Nov 8, 2019
DraperCoug22 3rd String
Our QB Room
I don't enjoy the discussion regarding which QB "will eventually transfer," because I selfishly want to keep them all. Here's why I think that could happen:

1) Zach Wilson. Has the QB1 reins still (will need to "compete" for his job back, but we all know he's still the golden boy and I'm okay with that). He'll probably be the one under center in our bowl game. Wants to beat Utah. Very close friends with multiple guys on the team. Brother Josh already committed to play at BYU. I don't see him going anywhere.

2) Jaren Hall. Dad and older brother played at BYU, younger brother just committed to play here. If concussions are too extreme or QB competition gets too tight, he can always go full baseball and potentially go pro there. I don't see him bailing on BYU, even if he sticks solely with football. Chances of getting playing time are still fairly high even if he's QB2, and if Baylor beat him out for QB2 (improbable) they would find a way to get him on the field a la Taysom/Saints.

3) Baylor Romney. Encouraged his brother to come to BYU despite having to grind it out as a PWO. Wife is a BYU athlete as well, still in school. Will probably be rewarded a scholarship if he stays. Gunner wants to keep playing with him, and younger brother Tate is strongly considering BYU. Chances of all three of them landing comfortably at a different spot together are low. The fit is right. I highly doubt he leaves. I think it's more likely that Jaren quits football to focus solely on baseball than Baylor leaves elsewhere.

4) Joe Critchlow. Has patiently (as far as we can tell) ridden the bench and quietly done his job as a backup and clipboard guy. Could probably start at most FCS schools and maybe low-tier FBS. Wife is a BYU gal. I could see him grad-transferring elsewhere, but I imagine he'll want to stay here and finish his degree. Of the four, probably the most likely to transfer IMO.

In the last 20 years BYU has had very few seasons where only one QB played the whole season. As evidenced by our current reality with injuries, the chances that QB2 and even QB3 will get snaps in a given season are quite high. All four of these guys are competitors and I believe they understand the concept of hard work and patience. Of course it is possible that one (or even two) of the four will transfer, however I think all four are simply BYU guys at this point. They want to be here and they understand the academic and non-sports professional benefits. They're willing to push each other and let the cards fall where they may. If one of them is good enough (starter or not) for the next level, the NFL will find them. Evan Brennan (BYU Grad and NFL Agent) says this often.

Regardless, I wish them all the best and I hope we find a way to keep them all. I love our QB room. I believe all of them are capable of leading BYU to victory. Go Cougars.
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