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Nov 10, 2019
Hoopster All-American
A member of my congregation is a BYU football player, I asked him what the deal
was with the team in games they are favored to win or against "inferior" competition. His reply pretty much sums up what many of us have observed; he said they play at the level of their competition and lack consistency on both sides of the ball. The team recognizes it and talks about it all the time, but, nothing changes it.

That last statement concerns me the most. It screams "coaching problem." Their motivation seems to ebb and flow with the opponent.

This is not really a shocker and you can read this same assessment every week on CB, but, it does concern me somewhat that the coaches can't figure this out.

A win is a win and I will always be a Cougar fan, but, the past few years have made that more frustrating than usual. The unexpected wins give me hope and then the frustrating losses and blowouts dash that hope. It's a wild roller-coaster ride.
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