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Nov 10, 2019
Coug All-American
The coaches can't figure it out because they are the problem...
They are as mentally soft as the players are... This all starts with Sitake... he has becoming the players best friend, which that's not a leader anymore. And I'm not saying to go out there and start bashing heads and screaming at the players until they are deaf. Lavell hired the right people to do all this for him... it allowed for him to sit back and coach the coaches. Sitake has hired a friend to take over the defense, and he is failing miserably. And the offense is a MASH unit right now but seems to take half a season to figure things out...

And the reason why I believe the offense is needing a half a season to figure it out, is because every summer, our offense is absoutely drop kicking our defense, up and down the field with ease, it gives our coaches and players some massively false hope... and then they get exposed and need to work to plug up the holes.

Mean while... our defensive coach is over there coaching a D1 football game like you would a powder puff game.

Tuiaki needs to go... and personally, I think Ed Lamb needs to go as well. I think, Ed Lamb is taking too many recruiting chances on kids that shouldn't be playing against the type of schedule we are facing.

Sitake needs to get rid of his 2 friends in Tuiaki and the S&C coach... cut the freaking abilical cord with his players, and get someone in here that will instill some mental disicpline and know how to coach a defense at the D1 level.

My hope is that Sitake, if he stays and gets rid of Tuiaki... takes a good hard look at Poppinga.
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