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Nov 11, 2019
HighHorse True Libertarian
Greetings friends...I celebrated my 69th birthday, November 3rd in an unusual way
Just a little info for any who care to read, I'll try to keep it short.
Here is the bottom line short version: I had a heart attack, got a quad bypass open heart surgery. Had blessings and many prayers and have recovered quicker than my surgeons thought possible.

Longer version for those who care to read:I walk for about 4-5 miles per day early in mornings and was having a little chest pain and shortness of breath the day before Halloween. I thought it would go away. I watched it closely and it never got to the point of being a concern to me, however, it was a concern in reality. I rested most of the day and about 5pm we went and did our Ministering visit to a new family in the ward. As I sat there the pain increased. We then left and went to a granddaughter's concert and I felt more pain so caught our Doctor just before he left the office. By then the pain had nearly gone away. He said to watch it closely and to call my cardiologist 1st thing in the morning, or of i felt any pain during the night to go right in to ER. We called the Cardiologist in the morning and he said to rush into ER.

We did that and they took an EKG and found I was having a heart attack at the time. They found one vein 100% blocked and put a stint in that one To hold me over until the operation could be done 3 days later. as the The others were badly diseased but because I had been on Eliquis they had to delay the surgery until Sunday because would bleed out on the table if any of that were still in my body.

So Sunday November 3rd was my birthday and the day I got my quad bypass. It took 6 and 1/2 hours on the operating table to save my life. It is normally a 4 hour ordeal. The Surgeon told my family immediately after the surgery that it was a very hard one and that it was still questionable if I would live or not. The day of the surgery, they get the patient up into a chair next to the bed. The days following we walked the halls for a few minutes every day. to build up strength. The surgeon commented to us at how quickly I was recovering. He told me that whatever I was doing, just keep doing it.

I left the hospital Friday morning and have been doing nothing but short walks, sleeping and visiting some.

The power of faith and Priesthood blessings:

None of us know just why some are saved with Priesthood blessings and faith healings and why others more worthy are not. But in my case I will say that I was very beat down and not feeling the power to be healed. My family and friends however, stepped up and made this thing work. The surgeon was amazed at the success of the operation and the recovery. He thought I wouldn't even live through it a few times and even when he talked to my family immediately after.

Science can see and explain much of the physical things. They have come to realize that through outcomes of illness and recovery that people with positive attitudes heal much better. They can explain physical things but in many cases don't know much about faith healing. My surgeon was not a religious man, but is an excellent Heart Surgeon and he did the very best he could do with the science and his talent and left the rest up to us and to God. In the end, he was amazed at what God accomplished.

On the 2nd day, the Doctor said that after practicing for 20 years, he had never seen such a recovery so quickly. I said, "rookie!"

I have a goal on CB and that is to be more kind when discussing controversy. None of it really matters much anyway and it's good to remember that there is a real person on the other side of that screen.

My goal in life will continue to be the same.Everybody we deal with has their own sets of problems and so I am committed to helping them or at least to be a positive influence on each and every person I come in contact with through the day.

Love your family and friends while you can. None of us knows what lies just around the corner.

Sorry to make this such a long book, but I did give you a shorter version in the opening.

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