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Nov 21, 2019
NorthwestCoug All-American
My working theory regarding Toolson
First, let me say I’m very glad we have Toolson. He is an asset to the team and deserves to start.

That being said, and understanding that he wants to play professionally, I get the sense that Toolson came to BYU to play on a bigger stage. UVU doesn’t give him the exposure he needs to be sufficiently noticed by pro/NBA scouts. This is a season-long tryout. I think he does genuinely want to win, and perhaps that’s his top priority, but a very close second is exposure and making it to the next level. I sense that some of his on-court decisions and actions are influenced by his goal to play professionally and wants to be recognized.

Maybe I’m wrong. I want to be wrong. We need more games to flush this out, but so far this is what I sense.

Anyone else see this the same way?
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