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Dec 1, 2019
Hawk Talons All-American
Do the RIGHT thing now TOM!
I truly don’t care that Kalani just got an extension. In my opinion, you do the right thing NOW despite past mistakes. Extending Kalani was a mistake. The right thing now is to fire him and hire Jay Hill before anyone else does. He has a track record of turning a program around, he knows in state recruiting, and he is one of the best LDS coaches on the market. Tom, bite the bullet, fall on the sword, and make the right decision to fix this program!

“We (Weber State) had to get working harder, and we had to get more talent in here, and we had to start doing things the right way so that our expectations could match the results,” Hill said. “Once we started doing that you could tell that something flipped in the players, where, they (the players) actually said we got a chance to be good and then they started working harder and believing and they started playing for each other. All those little things that make a good team, we started doing,” he added.

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