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Dec 1, 2019
LV Mike All-American
Sitake got what he wanted and then really let TH (and BYU) down by taking his
foot off the gas. He failed to prepare his team, and failed to lead his team, which performed so badly v. SDSU that he has effectively now lost much of the fan base. Last night's game literally looked like the entire team (coaches and players) just phoned it in. When we were down 10 points with under 3 min to play, the guys were playing without any sense of urgency - so much so that the announcers were surprised. It looked as though BYU had given up - or that the team flat out didn't care about the outcome. There was no leadership on the field or the sidelines. Then, in the post-game interview, with Sitake saying things like he has no idea why McChesney didn't play - as though he has no input or power to inquire about the game plan and what unfolds on the field - well, that's just beyond ridiculous. Worse, it's not the first time we have seen this from Sitake. It's a pattern of undisciplined mediocrity.

I can't imagine another D1 coach in the country who displays such cluelessness about his job . . . who then gets a contract extension. BYU took a huge leap backwards last night. Regardless of what happens in the Hawaii Bowl, Sitake made sure that what will be remembered about the 2019 season is what might have been if he cared enough to consistently prepare his team with discipline and resolve. I'm tired of the "we're family" mantra, as though being in a family means no accountability, discipline or consequences.

TH made a huge error in extending Sitake's contract after the Liberty win. Had Sitake been coaching for his job last night, we would have seen a MUCH different team and performance. That's the problem with Sitake. He relies on emotion to get his players ready and not enough (if any) on cerebral preparation. He had no idea why a guy who ran for 228 yards in the previous game never saw the field - when none of our RB's could advance the ball, and apparently didn't think about it until asked in the post-game by Wrubel. Unbelievable.

I'll DVR the Hawaii Bowl and determine later if I want to watch. I allowed BYU to ruin one holiday. Not sure I need to do that again. So glad we are not traveling to Hawaii for the game.
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