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Dec 1, 2019
Hawk Talons All-American
Kalani’s post game presser yesterday was very telling.
1. Didn’t even consider playing Baylor Romney. Didn’t consider it.

2. Didn’t know why Jackson McChesney did not Play. Said there was no restraint on him playing. He will have to watch the film and ask some tough questions. (To whom he did not say).

3. No explanation for wasting so much time in 4th quarter.

I have never, not once, listened to his post game interview and felt he was on the ball. His standard answers were that he’s the Head coach and he has to figure it out, he has to go watch film, and we just have to fix it.

Never does he circle back and tell us what he learned from watching film and what he’s figured out.

So frustrating as a fan.
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