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Dec 2, 2019
Goatnapper'96 All-American
Accept reality.
The reality is BYU administration is not real interested in competing in the college football arms race. So I think many of us need to accept that reality and not torture themselves with hopes that have no chance of coming to fruition. Now saying that I think Kalani is not maximizing BYU's potential even given both the external and internal impediments to football success. I think BYU extended Kalani because the administration realizes this and is making it clear to any potential candidates that while BYU has unique impediments the institution is willing to give a HC plenty of time to get their arms around these issues.

Hence, my recommendation is to be patient and evaluate Kalani by how the team performs and don't conclude things are improving unless he actually stops losing games he shouldn't. Take no faith in any staff changes etc. Evaluate Kalani by his performance against similarly situated programs (i.e. don't let 1000000 straight losses to Utah football cloud your judgement) and let Kalani manage his team. The wisdom of Kalani's decisions are manifest in the win-loss record.

For this year Kalani won 2 games he should not have and then went 5-3 in the similarly situated area. To be honest BYU should do better than 5-3 against the non-BCS programs on the schedule, IMO. But by winning 2 games he should not have provides hope that while inconsistent there are times he puts a good product on the field.



"I love Jim McMahon with all my heart. He’s the best teammate I ever had. Ever. Did you hear that? The best teammate I ever had,” said an emotional Holmoe. “He singlehandedly put BYU football on the map. You can say whatever you want. You go back in time to when he was here. Hey, the dude was 21 years old and in the glory of craziness. What he’s done and said and represented for BYU the last 10 years, (it’s) off the chart. … I forgive him for his foibles from 1980. That was a long time ago.”

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