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Dec 2, 2019
indocoug All-American
Not going to lie, 7-5 actually has exceeded my expectations for the year. The SDSU game sucked, (& USF, Toledo, etc)
But I am not sure that BYU can ever be a consistent power/consistently elite in today's college football landscape. I will say that fandom/life is easier when you realize what we are. That we are most years going to be an average team, and that every 12-15 years or so the stars will align and we will get some Staley/Beck/Detmer type talent to give us a special top 15 season. And we should enjoy it when it happens, but not expect more than is realistic considering BYU's restrictions of medium funding, mediocre fan support in donations, honor code, etc.

Looking at our schedule this year, I was honestly wondering where we would get 6 wins to get to a bowl game and was just hoping for 6 wins. So, even though USF, Toledo, SDSU sucked, if you would have told me at the beginning of the year that we would go 7-5, I would not have believed you. So, I can't actually call this season a failure, even with the disappointments.

That said, I think BYU requires some sort of outside the box coach. I know many hated Bronco, but his defensive mind is in my opinion an example of how to get more with less. If we just have a basic X's and O's staff that can't confuse/surprise anyone, we will then be a very mediocre team.
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