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Dec 2, 2019
run26 All-American
if your son was expecting to play college football, would you recommend BYU?
In the old days, my answer would definitely be yes. You get all the advantages of the BYU experience and you play for a top 25 program.

But today, I don't think I could recommend BYU football. Too much disappointment and too low of a ceiling.

I know some of you guys could NEVER recommend UU no matter what. That used to be my attitude too. But frankly, if your kid has the opportunity every year to go to the Rose Bowl it's pretty compelling. I used to be a hater and I know many of you are currently. But does your kid have to adopt that attitude?

If football is #5 and you prioritize other items (finding an LDS wife, etc.), the BYU offer is still compelling. But if quality football and a top football experience is #1 or #2 on your list I don't see how you recommend BYU football to a kid who can play for a top 25 program (Utah, Washington, USC, etc.).
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