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Dec 2, 2019
idacoug All-American
I've been a huge BYU fan, but what is killing me is how we have completely
switched places with Utah.

I mean, a total and complete switch. The process began the say coach Mcbride was hired back in 1989. It has been slow, and Utah has taken a long time, but the catalyst was p5 inclusion.

It has been nightmarish in every way, shape, and form for me as a fan to see this. I will continue to be faithful to the end, but I have a hard time seeing any light at the end of the tunnel UNLESS we are invited into a P5 in a few years.

Kalani is Kalani and I will poke fun at him and his ineptitude and nepotism at times, but BYU going downhill as a program is directly proportional to Utah's upward trajectory. I continue to believe these trajectories will continue because recruiting to BYU will become more and more difficult every year the better Utah gets.

I will never throw in the towel, but I feel like our program has turned into extreme mediocrity. And I don't blame Sitake or Holmoe. It is because BYU is not currently in a P5 conf. If we were, we would be seeing an entirely different BYU program right now.

Not even the honor code is a real reason. Good LDS recruits will go to BYU if they are in the P5. Sitake IS a good recruiter and he is doing a pretty below average job recruiting, and it is not his fault.

We are not in a P5 and that IS the biggest reason BYU is in a downward trajectory. Not the only reason, but the biggest.

That is why I have always said this......We better get into a P 5 in a few years during the re alignments or we will turn into a mediocre program. Heck, I already feel like we are there. And it SUCKS BAD.
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