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Dec 7, 2019
Pimpin4Paradise All-American
I'm surprised at how many people share this sentiment. Let me remind you of a few things that happened in recent years.
  • It was the Utes that started disrespecting their rival and only referring to them as TDS.
  • It was the Utes under the leadership of Hill, Urban, Kyle, and 80k that turned this rivalry so toxic.
  • It's the Utes that run an operation fueled on hate and bulletin board material.
  • It was the Utes who tried to big time us once they got into a P5 conference and only caved to scheduling us again due to social pressures.
  • It was the Utes that pretended and started pushing the narrative that BYU was a dirty school in spite of all of the data showing that Utah is consistently one of the dirtiest teams in the country.
  • It was the Utes that pretended the Cougs had somehow escalated the basketball rivalry to an unsafe level following Nick's fairly benign shenanigans on the court, completely disregarding that Taylor had amped things up by his dirty play the prior season.
  • It was the Utes' compliance office that strategically held honor code related data and then released it prior to the Utah game under the guise of "trying to help" ensuring that Spencer Hadley missed the final few games of his senior season including being unavailable for the Utah game.
  • It's the Utes whose fanbase is filled with anti-Mormon bigots that consistently attack and malign not only the school, but anything pertaining to the church. It's ALUFs who keep their mouths shut in spite of that garbage.


I'm sure there are plenty more things that I'm forgetting, but it's easy to see why Coug fans are delighting in the Utes' misfortune. This isn't just jealousy and sour grapes. This bit of schadenfreude was well earned and a long time coming.

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