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Jan 10, 2020
LEHI cougar All-American
Weight loss update as of 1/9/20
Beginning Date 12/26/19
Age: 39
Beginning Weight 238.2 lbs
Beginning Height 6/2" (I'm not anticipating any growth spurts)

I've been flirting with Keto on and off through 2019 and decided to commit to my training and diet for my health and energy. I've always been a runner, played basketball and soccer heavily. Ran a few marathons etc. then blew my knee out and had surgery, rehabbed and blew it out again within a couple months of recovery and had a 2nd surgery. This past month I ripped up my ankle playing soccer and then reinjured it playing basketball. I gained 50 lbs during those 3 years and have hated that it sucks my energy. So I've decided to hang up the basketball and soccer and limit my running to focus on cycling as it's much less impact and less opportunity for major knee and ankle injuries.

I purchased the equipment to set and run Zwift and have really enjoyed the community and experience using the program and it's something I'll definitely stick with as I can join group rides or set my own training schedule.

As of 1/9/20
Age: still 39
Current Weight 224.6 lbs

My goal is to get back to 180 Lbs by May 2020

I'm usually not a personal life sharer in almost any circles but I've been a part of CB for so long I felt it would be good to share as many of you are probably in the New Years resolution mode and can share some successes that will help me keep going and stay focused.
LEHI cougar
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