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Jan 13, 2020
Blue Mountains Playmaker
Fun with kids, poop, and laundry
Today is laundry day. Wife called me at work almost in tears. Apparently our youngest was embarrassed about pooping his pants, so he hid his caked underwear in the dirty clothes hamper in our bedroom.

HCBW thought something smelled off when she was loading the washing machine, but thought a good wash with our smell-good detergent would do the trick. didn't. When she opened the washer, ALL the clothes reeked of human #2.

So, she did the dirty work of sifting through the clothes to figure out what happened, and there were bits of #2 everywhere. When she found our youngest's underwear mixed among all of our clothes, she finally put 2 and 2 together (hehe).

So, she hand scrubbed all the clothes and put them through another cycle. Unfortunately...all the clothes still smell like dookie. Now she's running a cycle without clothes and some special washing machine cleaning detergent. Hopefully that'll do the trick and after she washes the clothes a third time the smell will come out.

Otherwise, we're likely going to be throwing out lots of pants and shirts.
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