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Feb 13, 2020
Run-DMT All-American
Hiring career coaches as assistants seems to be making a big difference
Kudos to Pope for having the wisdom to do that. Was so strange to see so many of our assistant coaches in football and basketball leave the coaching profession after leaving BYU. Many also left the sports industry altogether, taking all kinds of random jobs. I mean you would think that a D1 assistant coaching gig at a storied program like BYU would open lots of doors to other ops in the sports industry.

Anyway, great to see Pope put together a staff of guys with broad experience and passion for long careers in the sport. And I love how he’s said that his goal is for his assistants to eventually move on to head coaching gigs—it ensures they are maximally engaged. I’m sure we’ll lose a few if the program keeps improving at this rate, and that’s a good thing IMO.
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