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Feb 16, 2020
CrimWalCoug All-American in practice
In an effort to identify the top seven runners for cross-country here are results from indoor track.
Below are the top five BYU finishers from 2019 NCAA cross-country nationals. With two seniors BYU needs two guys to step up and be in the top five in 2020. Hopefully Casey Clinger can be ready to be one of them, and we’re still looking for another.

3 - Conner Mantz (So)
17 - Daniel Carney (Sr)
21 - Jacob Heslington (Sr)
42 - Brandon Garnica (So)
45 - Matt Owens (So)

Yesterday at the indoor meet at the University of Washington BYU had two entrants in the 1 Mile, three entrants in the 3,000 Meters, and seven entrants in the 5,000 Meters. Conner Mantz is recovering from an injury and is redshirting, and Casey Clinger recently returned from his mission and is redshirting.

Below are the results of BYU runners in the long distance races. The results in parentheses are from two weeks ago.

Men’s 1 Mile
Matt Owens - 4:01, 17th (3,000 meters - 8:08); seems to be on pace to have another All-American year in the Steeplechase and is poised to remain a top five runner in cross-country

Kramer Morton - 4:09, 50th (3,000 meters - 8:33)

Men’s 3,000 Meters
Garrett Marsing - 8:08, 32nd (3,000 meters - 8:11); showed a three second improvement from two weeks ago

Talem Franco - 8:13, 50th

Adam Wood - 8:18, 62nd (3,000 meters - 8:29) - showed an 11 second improvement from two weeks ago

Men’s 5,000 Meters
Jacob Heslington - 13:39, 4th (3,000 meters - 7:55); while he won’t return for cross-country he is having a good track season and could be an All-American

Brandon Garnica - 13:46, 8th (3,000 meters - 8:07); continues to be really solid and seems to be closing the gap against Jacob Heslington

Connor Weaver - 14:05, 29th (3,000 meters - 8:19); seems like he had a good race as he was the number three finisher from BYU yesterday compared to being the ninth BYU finisher in the 3,000 meters two weeks ago; I expect him to be between five and eight in cross-country

Zac Jacklin - 14:18, 40th (3,000 meters - 8:16); continues to be steady, expect him to be between seven and 10 in cross-country

Clayson Shumway - 14:24, 45th (3,000 meters - 8:12); I am hoping to see his times start dropping as he gets back into shape after missing the cross-country season; we need him to regain form and be a top five guy for cross-country

Zack Ericksen - 14:25, 46th (3,000 meters - 8:18); coming off a mission, hopefully his times start dropping by the end of outdoor track season

McKay Johns - 14:43, 65th (3,000 meters - 8:14); not a great race for him yesterday, he should have been under 14:20
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