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Feb 18, 2020
Medute All-American
Imagine trying to hit one of these pitches without knowing what was coming


Even if you did know, it would still be a tall task.  But if you knew which of the pitches was coming, you would improve your success rate dramatically.  

That's why pitchers say they would rather face a guy on steroids or a guy with a corked bat or a guy who sat in on the scouting report or a guy who was using too much pine tar or whatever....over a guy who knows what pitch is coming.  It's the single biggest edge a hitter can have.  

So for all these people who say "it isn't that big of a deal", you are either Astros fans or you don't understand this situation in the eyes of a pitcher.  

Imagine if NFL coaches found a way to tap into the defensive play call and they relayed that info to a QB through his helmet, letting him know if/where pressure was coming from, man vs. zone, etc. and then that QB led his team to a Super Bowl victory and won the MVP.  Would that not be a big deal?  Would you really be cool with that?  


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