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Feb 21, 2020
BYUFootballisBack All-American
You do you of course, not posting to argue just sharing my perspective and quote
This article and quote are more talking about in general not necessarily in life vs death situations but for me it still applies, my other children need their mother and father (and spouse need each other) much more than they need their sibling or the parents needing the child. That sounds harsh but having an eternal perspective makes it slightly easier knowing you will be with them again. The well being of the many outweighs the immediate needs of the 1 sometimes.

'Putting children before a spouse may be one of the most ignored temptations. Caring about loved ones is a good thing. Nonetheless, however much we love our children, they must not take precedence over our spouse. Elder Russell M. Nelson made that clear when he said, “Let nothing in life take priority over your wife [or husband]. . .” (“Our Sacred Duty to Honor Women,” Ensign, May 1999, 39).'
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