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Mar 25, 2020
RdF3 Truly Addicted User
Conspiracy theories with China and the Coronavirus being much much worse
I’m starting to wonder if a bunch of conspiracy ideas with China and the coronavirus are onto something.

- It’s obvious at this point that China is lying and isn’t even trying to track and report their numbers. They’re also doing all they can to control the narrative and point blame elsewhere.

- How is it when possible this thing is spreading rampant worldwide, but yet China basically kept it out of other massive cities like Beijing and Shanghai? I don’t buy it.

- A few months ago there were videos popping up all the time of whistleblowers in China and people trying to get the message out. No way it was that dire with only 3,000 -4,000 deaths. Also, why have the videos just completely stopped leaking? How has it just ended?

- If accurate numbers aren’t being reported, it’s easy as a citizen to have absolutely zero clue about the real amount of cases or deaths. China is so vast there’s no way anyone could know. Sure someone may see a case or two anecdotally, but that doesn’t tell them anything. There could be over a million deaths nationwide and with government censorship you’d have no idea.

- There’s the evidence that China has lost 21 million cell phone subscribers. Sure it can be attributed to job loss or other things, but it’s still a pretty crazy number.

- A few months ago there was the report showing highly elevated levels of sulfur dioxide in the air at the center of the outbreak. The theory was the Chinese were burning bodies with the virus. A billionaire Chinese dissenter Guo Wengui claimed that’s exactly what’s happening according to his sources and that he estimates more than 200,000 people had died.
I initially thought this claim was crazy, but now I’m starting to wonder.

There’s plenty more things out there, but these are just a few points that kind of freak me out about the whole thing.
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