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May 23, 2020
rmsenior Starter
You are taking the right approach by thoroughly vetting the options, something I
did not do with my cataract surgery and I missed understanding there were options. I went to Hoopes on a referral by my optometrist and got into a process that I had a hard time with thinking of questions to ask and getting half or vague answers to the ones I did think of. I found out when I was in prep for my 2nd eye surgery that I could have gone with near vision lens in one eye and far vision in the other. My prep nurse shared that she had that done and didn't need glasses at all. Since I had great near vision and used glasses for driving, distance vision before, the surgery left me with good distance vision, but now I require glasses to read or use the computer. Had I fully understood the options, I would have gotten near vision lens and kept the status quo as far as vision went. But that is on me, not Hoopes. Keep doing your homework on pre-surgical decisions/options and their conditions, but don't worry about the surgery itself.
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