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May 23, 2020
run26 All-American
The US Census folks are jumping the shark
Maybe I'm just forgetting the experience in 2010 but I don't remember answering anything other than basic info about the number in our household. 2020 has taken it all to a new level. I ignored the first two requests and then figured they wouldn't drop it so I filled out the form. It was a little intrusive in my opinion...asking for names, ages, etc.

Then, I get this call today from the Census Bureau and they want to confirm everything I've provided for accuracy. What? I told her I wasn't going to give any new info over the phone. So she just read me info and I confirmed it. But she was reading off a script and couldn't improvise one bit. She asked about me first, and when I detected that she would do the same for each individual member of my family who lives in my house I cut her short and said "it's the same for everyone else too". She said she was REQUIRED to ask about each individual separately or she'd have to file this as incomplete and then someone else would be calling. I couldn't believe it.

These folks have too much time and too much info and not enough judgement.
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