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May 27, 2020
SoValleyCOUG All-American
Steve Sax with some bizarre stories about MJ and Lasorda.
Was on the Dodger zoom meeting last night. Steve Sax shared a story of how he was sent down to rehab and was playing AA with Michael Jordan. He said they were in the clubhouse one night and he had a basketball and asked MJ to hip check him so he could say MJ guarded him in basketball. Apparently MJ played along and while Steve was holding the ball away from Jordan like he was playing for real, Jordan put his arm out as if he checking Sax and Sax kicked Jordan in the chest karate style. Said it took Jordan's breathe away.
Another story he shared was while he was in his hotel room on a road trip, he found a pigs head under the blankets on the bed. The pigs head had an apple in its mouth and a note from Lasorda about the slump Sax was in.
Who kicks MJ in the chest and who leaves a real pigs head in someone's bed? Bizarre stories.
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