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Jun 28, 2020
icecougar All-American
you have to factor in more than just the change in 3pt shots regarding our...
...offense. With all the freakin’ height and length we add to the team we will see a significant bump in offensive rebounding.

Last season we were 343rd in offensive rebounding in the nation. That’s pretty close to dead last. With long tall dudes like Harward, Baxter and Haarms hanging around the bucket we will see a sharp increase in 2nd chance points from last year. This will also increase our FT attempts as the effort to try and box out those guys will lead to more fouls on our opponents because of mismatches.

Also, there’s this...long shots by us often leads to long misses and they lead to fast break opportunities for our opponents. By being better on offensive rebounds we will reduce transition opportunities and points for our opponents leading to decreased points by them.

And this...we were 77th in defensive rebounding. We will likely see a slight improvement there which will mean fewer offensive rebounds for our opponents and a decrease in 2nd chance points for them. The ability to rebound better as a team will see an improvement on our point differential.
Originally posted on Jun 28, 2020 at 6:23:22pm
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