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Jun 30, 2020
BYUfan92 All-American
I have no baseball memorabilia but almost bought some today
I’ve been reading about the baseball in the 40s and 50s, and specifically on Ted Williams. What a player, 19x All Star and missed 4 seasons in his prime due to being in the war, multiple time MVP, Triple Crown Winner, hit .406 in 41.

Anyway I’m in a rural town near Coeur D’Alene today and my kids want to go into this rock shop, we go in and then had a bunch of sports memorabilia as well, totally surprised me but they had signed Mantle and Mays stuff, numerous Ted Williams signed stuff, some team pennants from the 50s etc, evidently an older man had passed or pawned it. But they had 1 piece, a framed mural of Ted Williams showing him as a pilot and as a player, he had signed it....and it had the newspaper article from the last day of 1941 when he came into the doubleheader batting .3995 which would be rounded up to a perfect .400 if he just sat out. He refused, went 6 for 8 to raise his average to .406 on the last day of the season. So anyway the picture at this little shop had the article from the Boston newspaper the next day showing that feat and of course it was autographed...pretty cool.

$495 was asking price and even though I own no memorabilia I was really really tempted. (Even though he was a jerk and sort of crazy as an old man). I’ve got no idea of resale value but I’m really tempted to call them tomorrow and make an offer.... the newspaper article commemorating and celebrating the historic .406 BA that happened on the last day along with the autograph definitely is tempting me.

Any of you have some baseball memorabilia you love?
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