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Jul 1, 2020
Soupie Grandma Sycamore
Watching House Hunters Intntl. and have to ask... why are people so crazy? This single young gal is looking for a condo
in the Bahamas but she has a "life partner" that's not welcome in very many condos. It's a dog! News flash, lady. You look like you're in your mid-20's, maybe 30 and that dog will live 12-15 yrs at best. She's not going to be a "life" anything. To the credit of people in the Bahamas, the real estate agent seems to scoff at the idea there will be places very tolerant of her views nor is it reasonable to expect it.

Oh my! While I'm typing she just referred to the dog as loving the ocean and she just "becomes a different person when playing in the water." She's... NOT.. a...PERSON!

Oh and to be clear, I don’t think she has an actual mental illness. Just really strange ideas.
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