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Aug 27, 2020
BYUfan92 All-American
If it happens it will crush revenue in the NBA for years. Revenue already down
big time due to the China issue earlier this year, and ratings down over 40% per an article that was posted last week. (not sure how the ratings have changed since) Of course revenues down a huge amount without fans.

If they lose all the tv money that they were expected to get from the playoffs it is huge. Radio guys made some interesting points last night — that if the players boycott then it is grounds for the owners to terminate the CBA. Also the salary cap was already expected to go down significantly next year, so if they do this then the salary cap will go down big time from events over the past 6-8 months and will now go down even further due to a boycott.

That will impact every single player in the NBA, for years, in a big way.
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