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Sep 10, 2020
shimmy Haribo fan.
I'm blessed to share a neighborhood park with some very special good bois. These pooches are so great they don't need a
leash, and will run up and touch you and your kids. Their owners understand that we all just want to boop their snoot or whatever. They're so great we all love to step around their wonderful dog craps! What a tender mercy!

I'm so glad these marvelous dog owners share their pride and joy with the rest of us! We really love it! No need to ask because all humans love dogs that aren't their own!

I definitely don't find myself wishing that some evil befall these loveable fur babies to serve as a cautionary tail (lolz) to the dog owners that don't bother with a leash or crap bag.

I feel bad for the 90% of dog owners that haven't learned that leashes and poop pickup are not only optional, but actively discouraged.

but don't worry, anybody who doesn't love these pupz is a real monster!!!

LOL! Fun!!
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