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Sep 10, 2020
g$ All-American
RB position switch candidates
We probably need at least 1 more person as a back-up possibility at RB
looking at other position groups I think I might try the following
Sol-Jay Maiava - he was a really good dual threat QB in HS, would be my vote as likely best RB possibility, but I also don't want to interrupt his progress at QB now that he is defacto 3rd string with Hall injured
Caleb Christensen - has looked good as a returner and with his height and build, might consider this as an opportunity for a path to earlier PT and a permanent change
Morgan Pyper - his build would be ideal at RB, but he still has a decent future at DB
Brayden Cosper - again just his build looks like he could possibly make some noise and get more PT this year as a RB rather than as a WR
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