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Sep 11, 2020
Coug Truly Addicted User
You all need to watch the Social Dilemma on Netflix... it's terrifying...
We are in trouble as a society if we don't find some way of significantly reducing our social media presence. I deleted twitter a couple of months ago, and it honestly was so relieving to do it. I don't think I'm going to delete my facebook account, however I do think I'm going to remove it from my phone. It is absolutely frightening what social media has done to our lives... what it is doing to our children's lives. The suicide rate for Preteens and teens have skyrocketed up since the smartphone inversion which has allowed zero effort plug in to social media. One area that wasn't mentioned is divorce... I'm sure divorce has been significantly impacted due to social media. President Nelson was on top of this a few years ago when he asked everyone to do the 7 day challenge to dump your social media... that is no doubt inspired.

I know documentaries like to exaggerate and sensationalize things more than it really is... I honestly believe this documentary didn't go far enough.

Here is the trailer...
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