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Sep 15, 2020
ordinary tri guy Truly Addicted User
Sports are tough on kids and sometimes parents...
Watched my son over the weekend pitch a gem for 2 innings. 0 ER, 2 walks, 4 SO.

Had multiple parents for opposing team walk up and tell us how impressed they were with him.

My son plays on a private travel team and we were playing the cities travel team. My son goes to school with most the kids. It was fun to watch him eat them up. A sense of pride I guess.

Come Monday it's 8th grade team tryout. Son gets cut but we see other kids he just embarrassed over weekend make it.

It sucks and of course we know it doesn't matter in big scheme of life but man politics of school sports is so freaking frustrating.

What makes it worse is having some of the parents reach out and ask how our son didn't make it.

And because of PC coaches will not provide feedback. You are not even allowed to ask. It's so frustrating. How do you expect to get better when you can't get feedback on what you need to improve.
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