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Sep 15, 2020
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The presidents don't want football. Liability + politics + it means they're following the south/Trump rather than
leading with science and data intellectualism.

It's an easy decision...except money, coaches, fans, parents and players.

Ironically, politics, liability and data are now working against them.

Politics of not playing could very well put Trump back in office with so many swing states in Big 10 territory.

Liability from parents and students who want to play...and data showing that students are catching COVID at a predictable rate with or without football, and very, very few hospitalizations...means its pretty safe with new science showing tests can be more frequent and more accurate.

The myocardial concerns are still there. However, Penn State recently released an alarming study not even 3 weeks ago. Just happened to coincide with the timing of Trump getting involved. Yet, the Penn State doctors had to quickly walk back the results. There were some key inaccuracies. Another study from Ohio State seemed favorable showing myocardial issues were already for many athletes (not COVID caused). That was discarded pretty quickly.

Pretty quickly the confirmation biases of the presidents was revealed. Fast to jump on anything negative COVID and slow to take any positive.
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