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Oct 11, 2020
Pimpin4Paradise Intervention Needed
Step back from the ledge and realize these few things.
1 - We’re 4-0 after having played 4 teams that are all at least .500. Has the sos been stellar? No. We’re winning though and most of the wins have been decisive.

2 - This UTSA team was amped for this game. They have a bunch of good athletes and they were playing the number 15 team in the nation. I think their offense is good with that 2nd half qb and their defense made enough stops to keep them in the game. Kudos to them. They brought it. Oh, and home field advantage means nothing when there are no fans. Zip.

3 - Injuries suck. I feel like Chaz left a hole on the defense that hasn’t been filled yet. Bushman is obviously devastating as well. Rex is fine, but he’s no Bushman. Thank heavens Holker will be back next season. Oh, and the OL that are out happen to be the majority of our experience on the line. That leadership is clearly being missed. Hopefully they’ll be back soon.

4 - The Cougs are not the 15th best team in the country. We’re also not likely to play in a NY6 bowl. Learn that lesson now and you’ll be happier when the bad news comes. They’re good when they’re prepared, but the coaches don’t always have the guys prepared and they really blow at making in game adjustments. For the love... stop running that fly sweep if you can’t run it well.

I won’t lie and say that tonight wasn’t disappointing. It was atrocious. Hopefully they get better from this. All in all though, I’m just happy they’re playing football.
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