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Oct 17, 2020
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My favorite fan comments from the Houston board
We’re fortunate that BYU’s OC is stubborn about the same 3 3rd and 1 calls.

BYU have good athletes and are well coached. We hung with them for the first half, but they outclassed us with their talent in the 2nd half.

our team is coached by a gambling drunk who probably had money on the other team

The refs killed us. They single handedly won the game for BYU

well we are going to be the visitors based on the fact it looks like we are going to be outnumbered by a good margin. 3x as many BYU Fans than UH right now

I’m impressed with BYU coaching. NFL caliber.

Wow. Our best cover corner just got beat. On a critical play. (Milne TD)

I hate losing to BYU. Had to sit behind a bunch of them when they hit us on a last second buzzer

BYU deserves and has earned the attention they have received. Definitely top 15, but not top 4.
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