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Oct 17, 2020
CoogsWin All-American
I took one for the team last night to lead us to victory.
My wife was ready for bed (she had to get up early)and called me upstairs to see how much time was left in the game so she would know when I would make it to bed.

She said "I really want to be awake when you come to bed (wink, wink), but, I can't stay awake much longer."

For as rare as those type of invitations are tendered and for as allluring as she looked last night and for as much as I believe in the science of DVR, I was just too wound up about the game. I told her we were down 6 and said "If we go down by 13, I'll come up to bed."

So, no post game celebration for me. Maybe I'll watch the last 5 minutes in DVR tonight just before bed.
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