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Oct 17, 2020
mvtoro Scrub
I think I understand fans who don’t want to get too excited/don’t want to get their hopes up. But I don’t relate to it.
Yes, we may crash and burn at any point. A loss to UMASS showed me no victory can be assumed.

But trying to protect myself from disappointment is not worth sacrificing the happiness and excitement of appreciating the present and yes, even the pleasant anticipation of what “might happen”.

I’ve studied football for a long time, played as long as my very limited talent allowed, and even coached a bit, so I feel like I have a realistic view of how the game works and what relative strength looks like. I don’t think we’re underrated by any measure right now. I don’t think we’d be likely to beat the very best teams in the country. But I’m hopeful, and I’d love to see the opportunity.

I guess what I’m saying is, fans should feel free and happy to indulge in fanaticism. Realism is fine for betting and even arguing I guess, but why Pooh-Pooh the team you love?

Why temper expectations?

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the moment of success and the feeling that the possibility going forward is to win out, however unlikely.

And whenever that ends, when the losses come, shrug it off and look ahead to whatever good is and might be left in the year (even if that’s just getting to watch more football), appreciate the good you already enjoyed, and appreciate the fact that you can start all over again the next year.

I guess what I’m saying is, enjoy the good as fully and thoroughly as possible. Don’t worry about impending disappointment. And when that comes, learn to let the disappointments go.

Easier said then done, I guess. But I think it can be learned and I think it makes a person happier.

What I don’t get are people who wouldn’t choose that even if they could. Why?
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