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Oct 20, 2020
Agnostic-alumni Starter
No one is home at the house and it presents a golden opportunity
I have a few days alone at the house. These are very rare occurrences. My family in my opinion are a bunch of Hoarders. So I have an opportunity.

For the last three hours I have been blasting 80s hair band music and delightfully going room to room skipping while I'm throwing stuff away. Some of the things include

Homework that is 4 years old.
Several of our approximately 300 receiving blankets. Duplicate umbrellas. Toys that haven't been played with for 10 years. Approximately 1/4 of the 40 or so decorative pillows. mismatched Christmas dishes, etc This list can go on and on. So far I filled up my trailer.

You might say this is a very dangerous game and you would be right. There will be a price to pay ... literally

At first no one will notice but I'm resigned to the fact that at least a few things will be missed. I've done this once before. In my rough calculations approximately 98% of the stuff that I throw away is not identified. I do have to re-buy the other 2%. Totally worth it. Carry on cougarboard
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