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Oct 22, 2020
mudpupper Truly Addicted User
My work from home and share a space with wife story.....
Like many I work from home these days. We have a second family room where I've setup my office. My wife has also made the same room her craft space and is currently sewing a dress for my daughter to use in some upcoming dance competitions.

Well the other day I was on a regular senior management conference call where I frequently have to chime in. During the middle of the call my wife starts working on the dress and while I'm talking/listening with an open mic my wife starts yelling to my daughter to come try on the dress. While I was drastically trying to signal them to be quiet while I was talking their conversation went like this.....

Wife: "Come try on your dress. Be sure to put the bra cups in it!"
Daughter: "Are the bra cups in it?"
Wife: "No, you'll have to put the bra cups in yourself."
Daughter: "Where are the bra cups? I can't find them."
Wife: "Do you need help with your bra cups? I can help you."
Daughter: "I don't want help with my bra cups!!"

Finally my wife saw me waving hysterically and meanwhile my CEO was wondering who had left their mic on and was causing the commotion while I was talking.

Fun times.
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