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Oct 22, 2020
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Houston Story
Been on vacation with little service. I watched the Houston game with my father in law. Who is from Logan and is a die hard Utah St. fan at our Airbnb. I had the Braves game on my phone and BYU on the big screen. He commented during the first half that we hadn't played anyone and seemed overrated. Going into half time he told me Houston was the better team. That clearly we were playing someone now and it was going to get ugly in the second half. We got a lucky score to start etc etc.. I just listened and mostly texted my friends on the phone. He wasn't obnoxious but seemed to enjoy seeing BYU struggling.

To be honest he left right at the turn of the tide. We all know at that time we looked flat missed tackles and were in zone. Tune was picking his spots well not getting overly aggressive. We had a full day of traveling so he was tired. He stood up and stretched when Udo missed the sack as Tune ran into the end zone. Hou 26 - BYU 14

We all know what happened .... after this point in the game with second half adjustments. As my father in law had gone to bed. I heard him tell my mother n law that BYU was gonna lose. Fast forward to the morning following the game ....

I was up early cooking pancakes and bacon with the time change with the vacation, it really isn't waking up early. It was my wife’s and my turn to cook. I had music playing and obviously was happy. Sad about my Braves but happy for my Cougs. I was waiting .... waiting to see if he checked the score etc ... and instead got a comment that is now my favorite part of the trip....

Father in law: "Thanks for cooking guys. (To me) You seem happy for such a rough sports day"

Me: "Oh (serving him pancakes 🥞) now" "It wasn't too bad"

Father in law: "Wasn't bad.. both of your teams lost!"

Me: "I would check your phone.... it was a great game we will probably move up with how bad we beat them. Almost three touchdowns...I could see Heisman votes start coming in for Wilson.”

No other words were spoken ...I ate my pancakes smiling at my In laws my father in law read articles frantically about the game. How did this happen.... how was it possible ...seeing if it was turnovers etc.... will always be a fun memory
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