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Oct 23, 2020
cougarblue All-American
Last Saturday my kids were hanging out with their cousins
We met my sister's family in St. George. We came up for the weekend from CA. My sister has a son roughly the same age as one of my sons. My sister wasn't able to get to St. George until Saturday so we had to watch the game separately. We (my family) watched the game in our hotel room and my son was absolutely losing his mind, in a bad way, when BYU was down 12 points in the third quarter. I had to get on him because I was afraid he was going to wake the room next door.

Well, come to find out his cousin was throwing a very similar tantrum at his house in Orem. I overheard the two cousins talking after they got together Saturday night and I realized that the two of them (12 and 13 years old) were literally both crying at the same time hundreds of miles away from each other as it looked like BYU was going to lose.

...weirdos (kind of proud of them though).
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