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Nov 14, 2020
relic All-American
easy enough to look at pricing of the stock at dividend payout time in
years past... not much different risk on any stock...
When I realized what I was looking for was income I could more or less count on... got me working entirely differently. now with about 120 into the market I'm projecting over 29K yearly dividend payout... now, some of those will/have cut dividend... when they don't met the criteria any longer... sell 'em and move on...
Add in moving from one dividend (even big quarterlies can work this way) .....
Sure... it's a little bit like the guy jumping off the 20 story building, and the guy leaning out the window on the 10th floor asks "how's things going"... and the jumper replies "so far, so good!"
So there I am now at the 10th floor....
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