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Nov 18, 2020
cougarxfan Walk-on
RE: I ventured over to see what our brethren in red are saying
"You “I don’t want to play BYU” people are WEAK. Look, we want to play BYU. Why?
IF Utah beats USC, then we will be ranked. To be ranked 20-ish with a game vs a top 10 team that sucks and you will roll? Yes please. Then Utah is 2-0 and suddenly a top 15, possibly top 10 team. We would roll our last two games and finish the year 4-0.
What happens then? Who knows. But we’d be a top 10 team and have so many options open. Maybe we get Oregon again. Maybe we get a NY6 Bowl. But we get recognition.
AND we’d head into the 2021 season ranked as a top 15, top 10 team returning EVERYBODY. We’d be the belle of the ball in the south.
Any chance you have to beat a top 10 team, especailly when it is such a weak one AND especially when it’s those clowns, you take it and smash them.
Goodness you people."

Let's say the Utes do beat USC (as they should, USC looks subpar thus far), then they schedule BYU and the Cougars thrash them. That would be a nice boost to our SOS. Now imagine if Oregon has on opening come available after that and we thrash them too. Not only could we claim bragging rights over the Utes, but possibly the entire PAC10 as well lol. And it should also propel us into the playoffs. I think Tom and Kalani need to shoot for the stars. How often does a team like the 2020 Cougars come along... 15-20 years? Going to be interesting how these final weeks play out. Hope the players can stay laser focused every week.
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