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Nov 23, 2020
whirl Truly Addicted User
It's all there, and it's perfect

"We remain open to exploring options to add football games, and have been throught the season..."

Spoiler Interpretation:  BYU is not in a dire situation.  After all but 2 of our games bailed on us earlier this summer, everyone was hopeful we'd be able to get 7 games TOTAL.  Our season was hanging by a thread.  Remember that cougar nation?  The evolution of the season continues to provide opportunities, and we are comfortable based on who has expressed interest in playing us, and where we stand, that we will have a great opportunity to schedule a great team.


"In that exploration process there are a variety of factors that need to be considered, including location, prep time for the game,...""

Spoiler In other words:  "We don't have to play under the cloud of your stench, with your referees, in the middle of a holiday week, on short notice ...and a host of all the other terms your conference is trying to dictate."


"the chances that the game will be played,..."

Spoiler Also, take your "Thursday back-out" clause and... Spoiler giphy-downsized.gif?cid=549b592dn77jweara5finynx20rus00yxho9c39959gngmt5&rid=giphy-downsized.gif


"testing protocols that are in place,..."

Spoiler "we are just fine cleaning the upper regions of our nasal passages only 3 times a week."


"and what the game would do for our resume.  At this point of the season, having played nine games and being nationally ranked,..."

Spoiler "and maybe you all missed this little gem as well..." Spoiler RKVaue6.png


"...we are involved in discussions for possible matchups with other teams, on common open dates, for the benefit of both teams."

Spoiler Psssst..... Spoiler 475f2d4b8e36fbcd82a80c54556f454f.jpg *pure speculation here*



Spoiler 200w.webp?cid=ecf05e47wliccmx5axju22o683vmti84hwe11plv5yjak2gc&rid=200w.webp

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