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Nov 23, 2020
Medute All-American
I think BYU missed a golden opportunity with this Washington fiasco
If they had immediately agreed to the game and then vocally alerted the country to their plans, the following would be true:

- They could say that they stand by the anyone, anywhere, anytime statement. To prove it, they agreed to a road game with PAC12 refs, stupid PAC12 protocols, and against an opponent that is traditionally top 3 in the PAC12, puts a ton of guys in the league, and is currently on the fringe of being ranked.
- They would have a full week to prepare for Washington while Washington would be left with preparations for maybe Utah or maybe BYU or maybe something else (advantage BYU)
- They would have 9 games or whatever under their belt while PAC12 teams are clearly suffering from poor pre-season preparation and time off (advantage BYU)
- They would completely change the national narrative from one of "they are now ducking people" to one of "we really believe we are a top 5 team and we are willing to prove that against anyone"
- If the game is played, it is immediately BYU's best game on their schedule and removes the tag of "didn't play a P5 team"
- If Washington then cancelled the game, instead of national vitriol and jokes, BYU would gain sympathy and people would highlight the fact that BYU tried to play a great schedule this year and did everything they could. In the end, they beat everyone in front of them.

I think the net benefit from that approach would have been better than the possible loss of revenue from cancelled flights and cancelled Thanksgiving and whatever if Washington were to cancel. Instead, you are now fighting a national PR campaign where people are talking trash about you that really isn't deserved. Anyway, many of you won't care about an outsiders thoughts (especially a Ute), but there you go.

I am going to go back to hoping Utah can get to 2-2 before the season ends.
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