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Nov 23, 2020
LEDSFW Truly Addicted User
UW Cotract offer and terms leaked...
1. You must play at Husky Stadium.
2. You must not expect to be paid until the game is concluded.
3. You must accept 2-day notice of cancellation option on our end if we must play either another PAC team or Eastern Washington decides it wants a scrimmage.
4. Zach Wilson must walk our mascot and pick up its poop outside the stadium.
5. PAC12 officials must be hired for the game.
6 All Washington series will be allowed five downs to get a first down and a mulligan on any failed 4th down conversion attempt that does not result in a fifteen yard gain.
7. There will be no holding calls on either side except when either side really means BYU in which case they will occur at a rate of not more than five such calls per quarter.
8. BYU will purchase Arbys, MacDonalds or Sung-Lee's Chinese Take-out for everyone on gameday.
9. BYU will be required to follow the PAC 12's COVID19 protocols that include contract tracing to any player on the first or second string and a COVID test will consist of, "you look hot, you're out."
10. BYU is expected to pay for the USE of the stadium, staff, security and cleanup, plus restoration of any cardboard fans injured during the course of play.

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