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Nov 23, 2020
Carnac Truly Addicted User
I don't buy the "BYU is hard to work with" narrative anymore

BYU has demonstrated complete and utter flexibility this year. We didn't try to hold anybody to their contracts and we walked away from millions of dollars to "do the right thing." We kindly let everyone burn down our schedule and we rebuilt it the best we could. We moved a game in Provo to Houston because they asked us to.

What I think is that P5 programs are used to calling every shot and having every G5 or independent (that isn't named Notre Dame) bow down to them. Little schools do 2 for 1s and go on the road and act like they are lucky to play a "big boy."  It all stokes the egos of the "big programs" (quite a few of which are very mediocre and some of which are historically terrible).

UW and their conference bosses expect BYU (despite being ranked higher than every member of their conference) to bend over backwards to play them in a complete disadvantaged position--at our cost (even though we don't have the money they have) and at our inconvenience if their conference gets a better matchup. And they are shocked when we reasonably protect ourselves, just like they would and do. So shocked that they literally get catty, leak narratives, and so forth. And they cry foul and get their rest of their Power Five lackies to complain.

BYU is not hard to work with. The Power Five is hard to work with. And they don't like that we don't act like Wyoming or New Mexico State or Central Michigan or Tulane.

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